Module 1

Module 1 : A 3 hour interactive workshop on how to identify and manage risks while driving. Module 1 is led by an experienced facilitator with up to 12 participants. Research has shown that the transition from supervised to un-supervised driving is when drivers are most at risk of a fatal accident or severe injury. Module 1 aims to give participants the knowledge required to reduce this risk.

Participants will come away from Module 1 with the knowledge and understanding of:

  • Why they are about to enter the highest risk driving period.
  • What factors lead to this high risk period.
  • How to identify these factors and risks.
  • How to manage and reduce the associated risks.
  • Low risk driving strategies.

Module 1 also prepares participants for un-supervised driving and gives them driving skills for life. Onroad Driving School regularly runs Module 1 at various locations throughout Sydney, visit the location page to find the nearest course to you!