Government spends thousands of dollars for YOUNG drivers, Why???

The state capital of New South Wales, Sydney is one of the most populated cities in Australia. Though roads are busy with heavy traffic, NSW government supported Roads and Maritime Services manages safe and traffic control and journeys all over the New South Wales. Research on road accidents and its causes revealed, in most cases of fatal accidents involved young drivers under 25.

What are the benefits of attending Safer Drivers Course?

Driving is fun for the young. When they get on the wheels, speed is thrill. Most of the under 25 drivers forget that just one wrong move and one weak moment is all it takes to turn a happy moment is to the most regretful moment. Life is full of unpredictable turns and twist. However¸ we can make our driving more predictable by learning certain valuable techniques and speed management tips, and strategies. Safer Drivers Course by Roads and Maritime Services is one of the most trusted courses in NSW that provides more preparedness to face tough driving conditions.